Historically, a bride would have her portrait taken or painted before her wedding to symbolize the important transition from single to married.  These large, framed pieces of artwork would be hung in a place of honor at her parents' house.

Although these types of portraits fell out of fashion for a while, they have come back in a BIG way, and we are so excited when our lovely brides opt to schedule a special session to honor her journey.

Bridal Sessions

We all chuckle a little when people joke that the wedding day is "all about the bride", but when it comes to Bridal Sessions it really is!  After all ...you are getting married!

Yes, we can (and absolutely will) take portraits of you in all your gorgeousness on your wedding day, but when we schedule a Bridal Session just for you, we can take our time, get super creative, and really focus on making a big statement.

Plus, who wouldn't want an excuse to wear that beautiful gown as often as possible?!


our brides are superstars, and we want every moment to be a dream come true

it's not cliche`
it is just the way we do things around here

and that is what separates us from all those other photographers out there

we know you have placed an immense amount of trust in us,

and we take that responsibility very seriously


our philosophy

Are YOU Ready To Shine?

Heck Yeah!

Making Everything Picture Perfect

Once your session is over, we will get together to talk about what to do with all of those gorgeous images. Many clients order a large canvas or framed print to display at the reception. We also design keepsake albums and incorporate your portraits into your home gallery along with your wedding and engagement session.


Want to include your family, bridesmaids, or your furry friends? We can set aside a portion of your session to feature everyone who is a special part of your life.


Choosing the perfect location is absolutely essential because it will set the tone for your entire gallery. There are endless options, from high fashion cityscapes to wooded wonderlands. In most cases we can even opt to use your ceremony venue.


The best time to have your Bridal Session is the day you have your trial run with your Hair & Makeup Artist. You will be able to see exactly what you will look like on wedding day, and if you choose to display a large print or canvas at the reception, your look will be a perfect match.


* you do not have an afternoon to invest in yourself

* having extra time to create amazing images isn't important to you

* you are worried that you will look too gorgeous

* you just don't see what all the fuss is about (scroll to the top of the page and read through again!)


* celebrating the commitment you are making is important to you

* you want to make the most of this exhilarating time in your life

* you want stunning portraits that are a reflection of who you are

* you want to spend as much time on your wedding day with your    guests as possible


Is a Bridal Session right for you?