It's The Groom's Day, Too! -

September 10, 2017

It’s The Groom’s Day, Too!



Guys, seriously, this whole wedding day thing might feel at times like it’s all about your girl.  She gets the gorgeous dress, she is maybe making a lot of the design decisions, and above all else you want this day to be perfect…for her.

That’s because you love her, she’s the light of your life and you would do anything to see her smile.

So you know what the very best thing you can do on your wedding day is?  Enjoy yourself.

That’s right.  Have fun, live it up, celebrate, because this once-in-a-lifetime day is about you, too.  You might be a little nervous (we won’t tell!), because when you start putting on that suit it all starts to get really real…you are going to MARRY that girl!  Those jitters are the best kind of energy because it means you are living in the moment, so embrace that feeling and enjoy every single minute.  You’re surrounded with people who love you – your parents, your siblings, and your best friends in the world.  On a day like today, when emotions are running high for everyone, it’s totally okay to tell them how much they mean to you, even if you’re not normally the type of guy who lets his feelings out.

While it is pretty common for the groom’s side of the bridal party to show up just an hour or two before the ceremony to get ready, you have the entire day to celebrate, so why not do something fun with your guys?  Instead of hanging out in the groom’s suite all morning, plan something exciting to mark this day.  Want some awesome adventure ideas?  Check out this list of our favs:

– Spend the morning having a gentleman’s shave at an elite barbershop.  This is a great gift for your groomsmen, too, because it is something a lot of guys don’t normally do.  There are high-end shops who will make you feel like a king, and getting a straight razor shave with a hot towel will keep your face smooth all day long.

– Relive your inner kid at the arcade or play a game of laser tag.  Nothing says “I love you man” quite like taking down each of your best friends with lasers and beating their high score on Ms. Pacman.

– For you outdoor enthusiasts, a group hike or trail ride through the woods would be an ideal way to spend your last morning as a bachelor.  Make sure you allot enough time to get to the venue and shower before getting ready, though, and be careful out there.  Nothing ruins an important event like a sprained ankle or pants full of poison ivy.

– Want to get a little high?  Take a helicopter tour of the city and end your trip with lunch at a rooftop cafe.  This is a swanky alternative to snacking on junk food in the getting ready room of the wedding venue.

– If your idea of fun includes destroying some targets with tiny projectiles, take your boys out to the gun range for the morning.  As with any of these adventurous endeavors, please be safe and use your best judgement while planning and playing.

– If you live near the coast or by the lake, consider chartering a sailboat or taking an island tour to explore a land you’ve never visited before.  There are tons of water sports you could add to the day as well, from renting jet skis to playing a super-competitive beach volleyball game.  Depending on how much time you have before the ceremony, you can really stack on the fun and make some memories.

– One of the newest things to hit cities big and small is the immersive game Escape The Room.  You team up with your group to solve interactive, room-size puzzles before the time runs out.  If you haven’t tried one of these hot spots yet, give it a try and match wits with your clever crew.

– This last one is for the truly tight group of guys who want to commemorate their friendship.  It’s the “Brotoshoot”.  Never heard of it?  That’s because I created the name just for you.  You can take specialty type of photoshoot as far as your imagination wants to go, from the very traditional posed shots of everyone hanging out to an “awkward family photo” setup, or even dressing up in your best Bronie outfits for the truly outlandish.  Why not dress up in full superhero costumes and have a rooftop session or recreate the cover of the Reservoir Dogs movie?

Whatever direction you choose for your guy’s day out, the most important thing is to have fun…and to make sure you can still be on time for the ceremony.  Remember, your wedding day is about you, too, so make the most of every minute.

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  1. Kate says:

    Thanks for sharing lots of fun ideas for the groom to make his wedding day special, too!

  2. I LOVE this post!!! So good!

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