Celebrate Your Love With Stylized Wedding Photography
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February 11, 2016

Celebrate Your Love Again and Again With Stylized Wedding Photography


When it comes to celebrating love, everyone has their own dream of what an ideal wedding looks like.  For some, a traditional gathering in a church is at the top of the wish list, while others prefer a natural setting in the great outdoors.  And yet, at the heart of every wedding is one central moment that surpasses all of the perfectly planned details, the food and flowers, the music and merriment.  When two people declare their devotion to one another it makes no difference if there are hundreds of guests or just a few observers.  All the months of meticulous planning come down to those two words:  “I DO”.  For this moment, and all of the little moments during your wedding day, Nicole Woods Photography is there to document the details of what makes your special day so incredible.  We strive to treat each client like the VIP they are, and from the very first time we meet you will understand what makes us different from other studios.  We are here for YOU, and our exceptional level of customer service means that you will know right from the start that you made the right choice.  We ensure that you feel comfortable and at ease before, during, and after your wedding day.  We are a boutique-style studio, with talented professional photographers and the very finest products available to commemorate your special day.

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Your photographer plays a very unique role in your wedding day, because unlike other vendors who set up for the day and then leave until the next event, we will be a part of your timeline planning months in advance.  When I talk with clients for the first time, we always schedule a coffee or lunch date so that we can get to know one another before any papers are signed.  I want to be certain that we are a perfect fit!  I truly feel a close relationship with everyone I work with.  When you are planning the timeline of events for your ceremony, I am there to offer suggestions based on my experience and your wants.  Are stunning, dramatic bridal portraits super important to you?  Great!  We will set aside extra time for you to sneak away from the crowd and find the ultimate location.  Do you want to have a grand exit with sparklers, or fireworks, or even glow sticks?  Awesome!  I’m with you throughout for the whole day, from getting ready in the morning to your final exit.

If you are smiling right about now, then I have a good feeling that we will make a perfect team!  So let’s get together over a caramel latte or berry smoothie and chat about your future.  There is a quick contact request just below that will get things started.  This is the most exciting time in your life, and I would be honored to take care of preserving your memories so that one day you can show your children and grandchildren, or nieces and nephews, or close friends and relatives, exactly what it feels like to be in love right now.  Because when it all comes together, your love story should celebrate you.

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