The Convenience Factor -

August 22, 2014

The Convenience Factor


Once upon a time, when you walked up to the register at your favorite store, the friendly cashier would ask you “cash, check, or credit?”…and if you paid with cash the person behind the counter could actually count back your change to you without a calculator!  In stark contrast, many people don’t even carry bills and change with them because it is too inconvenient, it just takes too long.  Swiping that card is just so much easier.  Does anybody still pay for everyday items with checks nowadays?  If not for the mortgage, I probably would not even own a checkbook.

Most of my clients actually do pay with checks, and a good portion will run to the ATM before our session to pay with cash.  Lately, however, I have been getting a lot of questions about paying by card.  I have always had the option to fulfill your invoice using PayPal, but it seems as though for many people, with their busy days and even busier weekends, it takes a lot of time to retrieve the email, log in to PayPal, fill out all of the necessary information, wait for confirmation, print the receipt, file it away, then move on.  It is inconvenient, and I have been looking for an easier way…now brace yourself as we zip into the 21st century!  I still accept cash, checks, and PayPal invoices, but for clients who wish to use their credit or debit cards, all you have to do is swipe using my new PhoneSWIPE device!

PhoneSwipe makes ordering easy!

Taking care of your invoice has never been easier and my hope is that you will find this simple convenience to be an answer to the hassle of writing out a check or finding an ATM.  Do you know that I also offer an easy-peasy payment plan for clients who request to spread out their investment over time? So feel free to pick out all of the prints and products you really, REALLY want and fill your home with beautiful design elements.


La Vie Est Belle Photography

P.S. Did you notice that cute little logo stamper that I’m holding in the picture above?  I am so excited to show you how I use it to customize your deluxe packaging when your order arrives.  More on that to come in a future post, keep on the lookout for it in an upcoming article!

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